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Quick Trails Day Registration Tips

Registration Tips

  • Username – Please register using your full name as your username. It helps us to serve you better.
  • Booklet Event Summary – Limited to 200 characters. Just the facts! Text will appear in CFPA’s Trails Day booklet only. Must be submitted before 3/15/18.
  • Full Event Description – Unlimited text but be concise. Content will appear in CFPA’s Trails Day online posting only. Must be submitted before 5/15/18.
  • Total Distance & Difficulty– Be accurate. Those with limited abilities need to know they can finish before they start.
  • Rain Date – Use CFPA’s Facebook page to post cancellations and last minute changes. One place where your attendees know they will get the right information.
  • Event Pre-registration – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED so you have  attendee contact info to have a hiker count, share special instructions, cancel or reschedule.
  • Save as draft– To save your application for future updates, you must enter some data (just as a place holder) in each required field (red *).
  • Check before you Submit – Any questions, contact Chuck at trailsday@ctwoodlands.org

Event Ideas

Bird watching  /  Baby Brigade (under 8 yrs)  /  Equestrian trail ride  /  Senior Walk  /  Scout hike  /  Night hike (stars, owls, frogs)  /  Sound hike (sounds of nature)  /   Homes hike (nature’s homes)

Detective hike  /  Scavenger hike  /  Games hike  /  Geocaching  /  Tree hike (Give me 5 species)  /  Historic hike  /  Garden walk  /  Community landmarks hike  /  Maps, compass & GPS hike

Butterfly hike  /  Picnic hike  /  Wildflower hike  /  Microscope hike  /  Trail maintenance  /  Bug hike  /  Cemetery tour

Don’t miss the REI Leader Summit!

Event leaders, the date for the 2019 Leader Summit will be coming soon. It will again be hosted by the REI store in West Hartford. It’s our way to thank you for all your hard work and to meet other event leaders. Enjoy some snacks and get some swag. A great way to party before the big day!