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A Message from our Trails Day Coordinator

Hi, I’m Chuck and I’m excited to begin my fifth year as Connecticut Forest & Park Association’s 2021 CT Trails Day Coordinator. For those of you who’ve led events in the past, we’ve hiked thousands of miles on Connecticut’s trails on the first weekend in June. This year will be unlike any other Trails Day, with smaller groups, masks and more distance on the trail, but we could not be more confident of the leaders that will safely celebrate their favorite trails. No one comes close to the job you’ve done, so thank you for your leadership, it means more than ever to everyone.

For those of you who are new, welcome. We are here to help you plan a successful and safe CT Trails Day. Here is a link to our Zoom leadership conference held on February 20 explaining the trail markers for this year’s Trails Day. We also have a PDF of the Leadership Presentation deck. In the coming weeks, our leader e-newsletters will give you tips and suggestions to help you get the word out. The earlier you plan, the more you and your guests will have a safe and fun Trails Day. The CFPA Trails Day team wants to make it easy.

I’ve led corporate teams, campaigns and events. I’ve worked and volunteered for conservation groups for over 30 years. My favorite thing is to spend time in the outdoors, having hiked and fly-fished the rivers of over 30 states. Today, I have the best job in the world working with CFPA, to see so many people visiting our wonderful parks, rivers, trails, and historic landmarks in a time when we need it the most.

As a hike leader, you want to get the most for your efforts. Participants, sponsors, and awareness for your organization are still important, but. this year there is a measure of safety to think about. Your event will safely bring like-minded folks together to hike, kayak, ride, repair trails, giving many a first-time experience. That’s the spirit of Trails Day, so let’s pass that spirit on to others this June. That would be a true accomplishment for 2021.

Once you register your event, we’ll help get the word out throughout the state. Our website gets thousands of hits looking for up to date TD info. We’ll handle the reservations and make it easy to stay in touch with a leader dashboard, You’ll even get a cool t-shirt! That’s how CFPA supports you. You can support CFPA by renewing or becoming a member today. If you like trails, you’ll love CFPA.

Feel free to let me know how I can help. I look forward to working together.

-Chuck Toal

trailsday@ctwoodlands.org or (860) 961-0255