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Cornwall - Hike - Trinity Forest Preserve

Trinity Forest Preserve
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Event Date: 
Sunday, June 6
2021 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Rain Plan: 
Rain or shine.
Trinity Preserve, combined with the state forest and Cornwall Conservation Trust's Brokaw Preserve, creates 1,000 acres of continuous forest accessible to the public. The Trinity land rises above the Housatonic for over a mile to Dibble Hill Road and provides access to the state forest's high ridges with exceptional views of Mohawk Mountain, Sharon and the river valley below. The Trinity Preserve is a Cornwall legacy dating back over 100 years when it was run as a camp for needy children until 1945. The camp was later sold to Trinity Church. The purchase of Trinity Preserve was made possible by an open space grant from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. While the forest is an important part of Cornwall's history and scenery, it is also an essential element of Cornwall's ecology, with deep ravines, boulder fields and two streams that flow into a 10-acre beaver pond, then on to the Housatonic River. The Preserve and the wetlands provide a wildlife corridor and habitat for bobcat, skunk, turkey, weasel and trout.
Johan Winsser
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