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Hamden - Educational Walk

Walk the Locks on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail
Saturday, June 1
10:00am - 2:00pm
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Walk the Locks on the former Farmington Canal, now a Greenway, from northern Hamden into southern Cheshire. Begin at the Keeper’s House at Lock 14 in Hamden, where you can pick up a trail map, trail mix, and a drink and view an exhibit of the former canal and railroad. Then walk (or bike, blade, or jog) north to the Lock Keeper’s Museum at Lock 12 in Cheshire, a distance of 3 miles. This is self-guided. Participants can arrange their own shuttle back to the start from Lock 12 (ample parking) or return via the same route for a total of 6 miles. Meet leaders Lisa Fernandez and Bill Horowitz at the Lock Keeper’s House, 3908 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, across the street from the Sleeping Giant Country Club and Aunt Chilada’s. Park on the grass. Lock 12 includes a re-creation of an historic lock. Along the way you will experience late spring woods and can diverge into kid-friendly Brooksvale Park (a short trail connects to the greenway) where there is a petting zoo.
Lisa Fernandez
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Lock Keeper's House at Lock 14, 3908 Whitney Avenue, Hamden
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Rain or shine.
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