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Connecticut Trails Day 2019

We had a great time, thanks for coming!

Connecticut is proud to host the largest National Trails Day® celebration in the nation.  Although we are a state small in size, we are big on outdoor fun!

With over 250 events this year, there was a lot to do and an estimated 5000 of you seem to agree. We hiked, we paddled, and some of us even climbed some really big rocks! To see how much fun we had, visit this year's CT Trails Day Photo Gallery. If you didn't get out, you can still go to the 2019 Online Directory for some great ideas to keep you busy until next year. 

Special thanks to all of our event leaders, volunteers, sponsors, and partners who make CT Trails Day such a great success - we couldn’t do it without you!

We look forward to seeing you on the trails!

Want to know more about CT Trails Day? What better way than to see photos of the events. Enjoy! Attend an event next year and maybe your photo will make it to the gallery.
ATTENTION CT Trails Day Leaders—this page is for you! Select here for info to help promote and host your event. Get your sign-in sheets, printable flyer/poster, press release templates, and more.
Connecticut Trails Day often means something different to everyone. But one thing is for sure, Connecticut loves trails! CT Trails day is just around the corner.
Our friends at White Memorial Conservation Center shared a video of their 2017 "Amphibian Amble" Trails Day event. Just a little inspiration for those planning an event this year!
You will be missed but you can still enjoy trails … and help keep them open.