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5 Reasons to Join a CT Trails Day Event

There is no other trails celebration like it. Connecticut Trails Day is proud to be the largest National Trails Day® celebration in the nation— this year featuring over 240 volunteer-led events! Besides just being a lot of fun, there are many reasons to get outside and attend a Connecticut Trails Day event. Here are just a few.

  1. All you have to do is show up. Although some events put a limit on how many people can participate, most don't. Check the online directory to find out. Get off the couch. Be active!
  2. Try something you always wanted to do, but something was stopping you. Each event has a guide, so it's not like you're trying it alone. Be adventurous!
  3. Learn something new. With over 50 educational walks planned, there's sure to be something you haven't done. Be curious!
  4. Join the trail community to support trails in your area. Find out about event sponsoring organizations and opportunities to volunteer. Be engaged!
  5. Share the experience. It's a great chance to meet and make new friends with common interests. Belong.