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Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System
Blue Blaze of the CFPA Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System

Welcome to the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System! With more than 825 miles marked with blue rectangular blazes, this trail system offers a great way to explore the woodlands, remote ridges, and wild places of Connecticut. The trails are open year-round to all forms of foot travel (unless otherwise posted).

Whether you're looking for a long hike, a short outing with the kids, or even a trail run—the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails have something for everyone. Use our interactive trails map and the Connecticut Walk Book to start planning your next hiking adventure today!


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90 years is a long time. 90 years of volunteers. 90 years of blazing. 90 years of outdoor advocacy. Imagine what it was like at mile one.
We've been creating and maintaining the Blue-Blazed Trails in Connecticut for 90 years. It's time to celebrate! And what better way celebrate than taking a hike. Join us for CFPA's Fall Hike Series.
Our awesome Trail Crew is getting down & dirty out on the trails. Learn more about our crew!
Learn more about CFPA's volunteer Rock Stars and the AWESOME work they do on our trail system. You can join the crew too if you can rock steady!
This online tool makes hike planning for the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System a snap. Locate trailhead parking and check out the latest trail notices here.
If you see something, say something! Use this form to report trail issues or concerns. Thanks for helping us keep the trails in good condition!