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Summer Trail Crew

Check back in December for Summer and Fall 2023 Trail Crew opportunities

For the official 2022 position descriptions, click HERE.

Email abradley@ctwoodlands.org with any Questions   .

Note: Crew Leader position is open to those 21+ years old 

Trail Crew Work

Our Summer Trail Crew is a paid summer and Fall program offered by CFPA. The Crew, typically 5-6 members, performs trail maintenance, repair and construction projects on the 825-mile Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System in Connecticut. The Crew works on projects large and small to improve the trails, the hiker experience, and to reduce impacts to natural resources along trail corridors. Crew members will learn from, and work closely with, professionals and experienced volunteers in implementing sustainable trail building techniques. Members are expected to hike up to 5 miles a day, carry their tools and gear, and actively contribute to the work being done.

Trail work is very physical. Whether it's cutting back brush, digging new trail, moving lumber for a bridge, sawing out tree blowdowns, or setting stone steps, crew members will use their hands and bodies throughout the day and the season. Crew members should be prepared to work for a full day in heat, rain, or beautiful weather.

Crew members will use hand and power tools everyday during the season. With training and supervision, crew members will become proficient in the use of the tools of the trade, including digging tools, drills, chainsaws, rigging equipment, etc.

“I loved working for CFPA for a lot of reasons. I gained invaluable experience in trail work and maintenance, I got to work with a network of stellar volunteers, and I became a part of a weird and fantastic crew. I knew I wanted to do something with environmental stewardship, but the (trail crew) program at CFPA helped solidify my future aspirations of working in nature surrounded by people who are dedicated environmentalists. 

I chose to work at CFPA, not really knowing the organization beyond a job description on an application. But, I came away with a plethora of knowledge ranging from tree identification that the crew did for fun to chainsaw operation and maintenance. This (experience) went far beyond doing work behind a desk. It allowed me to immerse myself in the forest and trail world and gave me a summer of immeasurable experience and excitement.” -Wesley Skidmore


Crew Leaders Start Early May and Assistant Crew Leaders start late May

The Trail Crew summer season is 10-11 weeks from June-August and fall season is 5-6 weeks from September-October

Crew members are part of a close-knit team and projects are dependent on daily attendance of the crew members. If you cannot commit to being at work every day, please do not apply. 

The normal weekly work schedule will be Monday- Friday.  

Most or all weeks will require spike camping in the field for the duration of the project. 

"I am very happy to have spent my summer working outside on trails with CFPA.  Every day I knew I was accomplishing something for others, while enjoying the scenic outdoors. I think the most important part of this summer was knowing that my work was meaningful. I accomplished so much and helped an organization whose values are akin to my own. I had always been interested in conservation, but I did not know how to enter the field or what the work entailed. Now I would feel confident pursuing another job or volunteer position related to the trail work I did with CFPA." -Marissa Jayawickerama

Skills and Benefits

The best way to learn about trail construction and maintenance is in the field. The Crew will amass a wealth of field experience, will travel to unique and forested parts of the State, and will be exposed to a wide variety of specialty trail skills. Additionally, crew members will attend First Aid & CPR training and the 2-day Game of Logging chainsaw training.

Supplemental skills and experiences include:

* Hand tool use & maintenance

* Botany, Forestry and Wildlife

* Camping, Leave No Trace & backcountry cooking

* Rigging use and safety

* Basic structure-building & rough carpentry skills

* Professional job skills

Crew members will work as part of the CFPA conservation family and will be exposed to the workings of CT's oldest nonprofit conservation organization. 

Team members are paid, and uniform, camping and safety equipment, and housing reimbursement is possible.

Who Should Apply

This program is modeled on traditional AmeriCorps crews that provide experiential work and life development opportunities. The position is open to anyone between the ages of 18-25+ years old. If you have a positive attitude, are enthusiastic about the outdoors, and are interested in learning about trail stewardship and conservation, this might be the job for you! Students pursuing a degree in an environmental or a recreation-related field can work with their school and CFPA to see if internship credit can be attained for the position. 

For the official position description and application specifics, click HERE.

"When I applied for the (position) at CFPA, I was nervous. I hadn't done trail work before, and I did not know what to expect interviewing, or what the job would really entail, beyond the job description and requirements. It turned out to be one of the best Summers of my life; working hard with great people, seeing beautiful places all over the state, getting invaluable insight into myself and what I want to do with my life, and gaining lots of experience with a wide variety of skills." -Al Sedor

Other Information

To see our Crew in action, visit our Photo Gallery. Project highlights from our 2017 season are here. Meet our 2018 Trail Crew here. Read about our 2020 Trail Team here.