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Staying Warm - Winter Backpacking Tips

Keep Moving  - Clothing will help trap heat, but it’s our bodies that keep us warm. Stay on the move and do so at a reasonable pace to avoid excessive sweating.

Eat More  - High-fat snacks such as chocolates, nuts, and cheeses can help keep your internal furnace burning in freezing temps.

Drink Up - You can dehydrate just as quickly in winter as you do in summer. Keeping hydrated will help with temperature regulation. Add sugary mixes to the water to help prevent it from freezing and for a quick energy boost.

Carry a Sit Pad  - During a snack break, thermal conduction can take our heat from us quickly. Set a sit pad down before you rest to avoid letting this happen. Don’t have a sit pad? You can use your pack in its place.

Don’t Let Your Water Freeze  - Insulate water bottles with a glove, wool sock, or a thermal sleeve, and store your bottles upside down to help prevent the lids from freezing.

Make Every Step Count - Use snowshoes, hiking poles, and crampons to save energy and reduce the chance of injury

Bring Extra Gloves and a Hat - An extra pair of gloves and a hat that is a little thicker than the one you wear while hiking can be used during breaks or when you’re sleeping.