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Meet the 2019 Summer Trail Crew

Through mid-August, CFPA's Summer Trail Crew will be working to improve a Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail near you! This is the 3rd year of CFPA providing an outdoor work experience to a crew of young adults -- and once again, a previous crew member has come back to help lead this year's crew.

If you run into the crew on the trail, give them a high-five, they're doing GREAT work for CFPA and trails!

Learn a little more about the 2019 Summer Trail Crew members below:

Faren Roth

Hometown: Guilford, CT
College: Yale University
Major: Undecided
Why This Internship: To enjoy the outdoors all summer! I love hiking & am ecstatic to give back and build sustainable trails.
Internship Goal: To gain an appreciation for trails and trailwork, be comfortable with a range of tools, & learn my way around lots of CT trails.
Dream/ Career Goal: To be a mathematician & work for a university or intelligence agency; I would also love to work for/ create my own Escape Room!

Alex Staddon

Hometown: Middlefield (originally Nottinghamshire, U.K.)
College: New England College
Major: Liberal Arts & minor in Business/ Outdoor Leadership
Why This Internship: To learn new skills in a field that I am interested in.
Internship Goal: Hands-on experience to create and maintain trails.
Dream/ Career Goal: Management position in the outdoor field.

Mike Pazareskis

Hometown: Wallingford, CT
College: Central CT State University
Major: Biology
Why This Internship: To gain experience in the environmental field.
Internship Goal: To learn how to make and properly maintain trails.
Dream/ Career Goal: To work in a national park.

Sarah Healy

Hometown: West Hartford, CT
College: SUNY Binghamton
Major: Environmental Science/ Natural Resource Management
Why This Internship: To learn how to build and conserve trails sustainably.
Dream/ Career Goal: Field Research.

Marissa Jayawickrema

Crew Leader

Hometown: Andover, CT
College: University of Hartford
Major: History (B.A.19')
Why This Internship: I had a great time as an intern in 2017 and I want to do more trail work in CT.
Internship Goals: To make this a rewarding experience for the team and help them learn as much about trails as possible.
Dream/ Career Goal: No fixed plans yet, but I would love something in the outdoors.

Brennan Turner.jpg

Brennan Turner

Crew Boss

Brennan has been CFPA's Field Coordinator since February, 2019. Brennan brings a wealth of technical trail experience from leading various trail crews in Colorado. He enjoys working with our trail crew, volunteer trail managers and teaching sustainable trail building skills.You can learn more about Brennan HERE.