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Meet Our Summer Trail Crew

Our Summer Trail Crew is back in action! The team will work through mid-August tackling trail projects on the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System. The crew will commute to work sites but, for three weeks out of the summer, they will camp in more remote areas to better access projects in the northeast and northwest corners of the State. If you run into the crew on the trail, give them a high-five, they're doing GREAT work for CFPA and trails! You can learn more about the work our crew does here.

Our Summer Trail Crew program is supported by a few generous donors and grantors. You can help support our Crew too, Donate Now.



Al Sedor, Crew Leader

Hometown: Ellington, CT

College: University of Connecticut

Major: Environmental Science

Why This Internship: I'm back for a

second season to work with CFPA,

Colin & the new crew.

Dream/ Career Goal: A week-long road

trip with friends this Fall to the


Crew Highlight: The question-of- the day.





Devin Burnes

Hometown: Manchester, CT

College: Clemson University

Major: Environmental/ Natural


Why This Internship: To learn more

about the land management field and

better understand trail maintenance.

Dream/ Career Goal: Graduate from

college then try out a few different

fields, and maybe grad school.

Crew Highlight: Recent work party with




Genna Vegh

Hometown: Farmington, CT

College: UCONN School of Dentist


Why This Internship: To enjoy a

summer outside and work with my


Dream/ Career Goal: A few more years

of dental school to become a dentist.

Crew Highlight: Meeting the different

community members who contribute to

the trail system.





Dylan Manchester

Hometown: Simsbury, CT

College: University of Connecticut

Major: Computer Science/ Engineering

Why This Internship: To enjoy the

outdoors all summer! I love hiking &

am ecstatic to give back and build

sustainable trails.

Dream/ Career Goal: Creating apps to

work with quantum computers.

Crew Highlight: Using the rope puller to

pull stumps- it's an excellent tool!





Catherine Menousek

Hometown: Newtown, CT

College: University of Connecticut

Major: Ecology/ Evolutionary Biology

Why This Internship: To get an idea of

this line of work before graduating and

see what skills I need.

Dream/ Career Goal: Graduate from

college and possibly join AmeriCorps.

Crew Highlight: Having a varied

schedule, learning to use all the tools

and gaining new experience.





Colin Carroll (Crew Boss)

Colin has been CFPA's Field

Coordinator for the past 2 years. Colin

brings a wealth of technical trail

experience to his position. He enjoys

working with our trail crew, volunteer

trail managers and teaching trail skills

to anyone interested in learning.