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Major Trail Makeover at Chauncey Peak Continues…

SCA Crew continues work on Mattabesett Trail relocation at Chauncey Peak

Last year CFPA spent over 6 months improving the southern approach of the Mattabesett Trail to Chauncey Peak in Meriden’s Giuffrida Park. This Fall we’ve moved to the north end of the mountain. With  steep grades and unstable footing, the trail has long been in need of repair. Thanks to funding from the National Park Service and CT DEEP’s Recreational Trails Program, we were able to hire a Student Conservation Association (SCA) crew for the second year in a row.

This team of young trail builders, who hail from Alaska and Pennsylvania, were hired to help with the technical work on the steep mountainside. The crew, which is camped behind the CFPA office, pull on their work boots and work gloves every morning, shoulder their packs, grab their tools, and hit the trail early. They spend their days setting stone steps, building retaining walls, moving dirt, and constructing new trail.

The Mattabesett Trail (part of the New England National Scenic Trail) sees intense hiker traffic on Chauncey Peak. The views along the ridge have outstanding views of the autumn colors and the climb is a favorite for families and weekend explorers. CFPA’s goal is to make the trail the best it can be to sustain the regular foot traffic. Ultimately, we want to create a trail with solid footing that will be traveled and well-loved by hikers for years to come!



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