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Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails Interactive Map

Start planning your next hiking adventure today

Welcome to the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System! Get ready to have a great adventure!

Use this interactive map to enhance your hike planning.

  • Click on the trail lines to learn trail names and length.
  • Select the Show Parking option in the top right corner to see trailhead parking locations.
  • Use the Zoom and Street View (person icon) tools on the bottom right to see more area details.
  • Click on specific parking locations (P icons) to view more details and link to driving directions.

For detailed descriptions of any major trail interruptions or closures that may affect your hike, click on our Trail Notices Page.

Whenever you’re planning to hit the trails, the latest information is waiting here for you. Have a fun and safe journey!

Trail Notices

-This map will be updated periodically with new information to reflect trail changes, but the best guide to take along with you on a hike is CFPA's WalkBook (20th edition) published since 1937.

-Notice a maintenance issue on a trail? Report it here.

-CFPA is providing this web-based trail map to you for free, but it costs real money and staff time to keep this information up to date (not to mention what it costs to maintain the trails themselves). Please join CFPA as a member and help keep the trails open and protected.

-Notice a map error, contact Clare at ccain@ctwoodlands.org


The Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System would not exist without the gracious support of our landowner trail hosts. Please respect private property, stay on the trail and follow all posted signage.



The information shown here is for general reference purposes only. CFPA gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or reliability of this data. Parking in all areas, whether designated here or not, is at your own risk. CFPA is not responsible for any damage or loss to vehicles or contents.