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2019 NET Artist in Residence

Marisa Williamson joined us in 2019 as the new Artist -In-Residence for the New England Trail. She kicked off her residency by launching a project titled Monuments to Escape. Like much of her art, Monuments to Escape has drawn on public interaction and observations to guide her residency and the art created throughout the course of the year. Monuments to Escape is a public art project for which speculative and collaborative monuments have been visualized and created along the trail. Through her art installations, monuments and performances, Marisa has sought to provide answers to the question “On the scenic trail, what stories are memorialized and what has been forgotten?” View her video here.

This fall and winter she will be hosting four interactive events along the trail and one final exhibition in Hartford in February, titled 'Room II: Escape'. The performances, borrowing from the contemporary phenomenon of the escape room, will star three performers joined by Marisa Williamson to present stories--linked through interactive game-play. Room II: Escape is a story told in four parts, in four stages, spread out over time along the New England National Scenic Trail and will act as a culmination of the research she did throughout the spring on the trail. The events will center around a speculative retelling of historical narratives inspired by the lives of three women, enslaved in colonial America.

Stay tuned for event dates and details! For more info about her work and this project please visit the Monuments to Escape Webpage (https://monumentstoescape.com/) or follow the links above.