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New 2020-2022 CFPA Strategic Plan

You have undoubtedly made some changes in your life in response to the dual threats of climate change and COVID-19. We all have.

CFPA has made (and will continue to make) significant changes in how we do things now and moving forward, but CFPA's mission to "connect people to forests, parks, and Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails and ensure these special places are protected and well-maintained for future generations" remains intact … and the actions necessary to fulfill this mission have never been more important

Read CFPA’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2022

People have been getting outdoors on trails in record numbers because, in addition to numerous physical and mental health benefits, we are all hard-wired to connect to nature. Over 35 years ago, E.O. Wilson coined the term “biophilia” to describe this innate love for the natural world that we all share.

The boost in re-connecting to the outdoors during this pandemic will hopefully remind us all that we must take action and stay involved to keep this connection with nature strong forever.

So, we invite you to read CFPA’s Strategic Plan as our guide for what we plan to accomplish over the next 3 years thanks to your support. We also encourage you to take action and find ways to deepen your personal connection to trails, forests, and parks in Connecticut.

Read CFPA’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2022

If you have any questions or want to provide some feedback, please contact CFPA's Executive Director, Eric Hammerling via ehammerling@ctwoodlands.org.