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Inspire Generosity - Action 4

Action:  Invite annual fund support and membership in The Winslow Society through a variety of giving options.

What is it?

Individual financial supporters like you contribute to CFPA through your membership, through contributions to CFPA’s Annual Fund, and through supporting CFPA events and special program appeals throughout the year.  At times, individual gifts may be leveraged with workplace matching gifts that can double (and sometimes triple) the programmatic impact of the original donation.  There truly are a variety of ways to support CFPA’s mission

The Winslow Society was initiated in 2014 as a Board-led initiative to inspire, build, and thank a community of generous supporters who donate $1,000 or more to CFPA on an annual basis.  In general, Winslow Society members share a deep dedication to conservation and know that their higher level of support makes a substantial difference for the future of Connecticut. 

Why is it important?

Diverse and sustainable sources of revenue keep CFPA both financially healthy and independent. Becoming overly dependent upon a single source of funding would make CFPA vulnerable to short-term economic disruptions or changes in donor funding priorities, and could threaten CFPA’s financial stability over time.

Gifts from individuals, families, and organizations to the Annual Fund, membership, and special appeals are CFPA’s most consistent sources of support from year to year.  This is largely due to CFPA’s high retention rate of donors from one year to the next.  A consistent flow of support from a broad base of supporters helps ensure CFPA’s work will continue sustainably to implement “Today’s Land, Tomorrow’s Legacy.” 

What will the impact be?

The Annual Fund is more than just fundraising – it is also a mission-promoting program that allows CFPA to highlight one or two programs in ways that connect program actions with the interests and desire of donors to support good work. The Winslow Society is a growing community of influential people who both share our mission and are willing to support it at higher levels.  The impact of the Winslow Society community should grow as we better understand how to match the passions of Winslow Society members with the amazing work being done by CFPA staff and volunteers.

Consistent support from members, Annual Fund donors, and from participants in the Winslow Society will have the following impacts:

  • Sustain CFPA’s strong, independent voice at the Capitol fighting for forests, parks, and trails;

  • Underwrite efforts critical to CFPA’s mission that are fundamental and never-ending, such as maintaining and protecting the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails;

  • Ensure CFPA attracts and retains the top quality staff, board members, and program volunteers who are fundamental to our short- and long-term success;

  • Buffer CFPA’s future against short-term turns in the economy or other factors that could impact other sources of funding support; and

Ensure CFPA is able to respond robustly when short-term opportunities to make long-term investments arise (e.g. acquiring land or easements to preserve key properties).