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CFPA's Budget by Function for 2021

CFPA’s mission is to “connect people to Connecticut’s forests, parks, and Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails, and ensure these special places are protected and well-managed for future generations.”

CFPA's budget for 2021 approved by its volunteer Board of Directors is $1,105,000 which supports 8 full-time professionals and programs dedicated to:

  • Advocate at the Capitol for forests, parks, and trails;
  • Steward 825+ miles of Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails and protecting the land that hosts them;
  • Provide educational resources and programs about forests and related wildlife for all ages;
  • Host and spark conservation community conversations at our headquarters in Rockfall/Middlefield; and
  • Secure support from individuals, foundations, and others to ensure the financial sustainability of our mission.

We put this chart together to give you some insight into how CFPA invests its budget to accomplish our critical mission.

If you are a supporter of CFPA’s mission, thank you and please keep it up!

If you have any questions about this information, please contact CFPA’s Executive Director, Eric Hammerling via ehammerling@ctwoodlands.org.