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CFPA's 2021 Annual Meeting

CFPA's 2021 Annual Meeting


Highlights of this event include the following:

  • "Blue-Blazed Forever:  Keep Our Trails Unbroken" presentation by CFPA’s Trail Protection Coordinator, Jeb Stevens.
  • “Connecting young people to the outdoors to improve mental and physical health,” a panel discussion with CFPA’s Beth Bernard, pediatrician Della Corcoran, and psychologist Philippa Paquette.
  • Special tribute to three retiring CFPA Board Members (due to term limits) – Star Childs, Caroline Driscoll, and Jeff O’Donnell – and welcome to incoming Board Members Robyne Camp, Alan Hurst, Jeff Ward, and Marcus Ware.  

Annual Meeting Materials (that will be voted upon during CFPA's brief Annual Meeting):

Bios of Presenters

Della Corcoran is a primary care pediatrician in West Hartford who graduated from the UConn School of Medicine in 1993. She has been in practice at Central Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford since 1997.  Della moved to Connecticut from Colorado in 1987 after getting her undergraduate degree from CSU in Fort Collins. Born in Wyoming, she has also lived in Alaska, Texas and Colorado.  Della and her children, now 27 and 25, have enjoyed the outdoors in many ways including hiking, trail running, mountain biking, cross country and downhill skiing, as well as a multitude of water sports in Candlewood Lake.  She is excited to try to help bring an OutdoorRx program to Connecticut and looks forward to collaborating with CFPA. 

Philippa Paquette graduated from Keele University in England with a double major in Psychology and Biology.  She came to America as a Harkness Fellow with the Commonwealth Fund and studied Clinical Psychology at Yale University. Philippa was in private practice for several years and then went to the University of Connecticut and received a M.S. Degree and Sixth Year in School Psychology.  She worked as a School Psychologist in Putnam, Connecticut while she mothered her three children.  Since retiring in 2014, Philippa has taken the Master Naturalist trainings at the Goodwin Forest Conservation Education Center and has volunteered with CFPA on various programs including the partnership with the Windham School District. 

Jeb Stevens was hired as CFPA’s Trails Protection Coordinator in May, 2021. Jeb has a B.S. in Geography from SCSU and an M.A. in Geography from UConn. He has taught courses in Geography at SCSU and Three Rivers Community College. Jeb grew up in Maine and is an avid outdoorsman always planning the next adventure, whether it’s a long trail run, a backpacking trip, a scenic paddling excursion, or a family camping getaway with his wife and twin boys. He knows others share his passion for outdoor recreation just as much, and that’s why he works hard to make sure the public has continued access to roam Connecticut’s craggy woodlands and resplendent landscapes.