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  • Meet the Author on May 26th, 6:00 pm at the CFPA Headquarters
  • Read the next issue of Rock, Root & Trail! Read about the impact of the outdoors to children, the new Tynan Bridge, and what trail runners are doing for your trails.
  • Learn about the Chatfield Trail and efforts underway to preserve the trail corridor so it remains unbroken.
  • Since 1897, CFPA has published annual recommendations on Connecticut's forests, parks, trails, and other conservation issues. Learn what CFPA is fighting for at the State Legislature in 2022 here.
  • Looking for a CT Certified Forester to help you plan for the future of your forest? Overwhelmed or underwhelmed by what you are finding online by yourself? CFPA provides a forestry services directory and additional resources here that should help.
  • CT DEEP's Recreational Trails & Greenways program held a request for proposals in Fall, 2021 for recreational trails projects statewide with $3 million in bonding. The response to the RFP was overwhelming. Learn more.
  • 39% of DEEP's employees overall and 45% of the Environmental Protection professionals who manage Parks and Forests are likely to retire by July 1, 2022. What is DEEP going to do? Step one is to take care of seasonal workers.
Read about ultrarunners on the NET, CFPA's partnership with Earth Forward Group for girls in Liberia, the New England Cottontail, and much more in the newest issue of Connecticut Woodlands!
Join us on June 4 & 5 for CT Trails Day- we have over 180 events to choose from!
This online tool makes hike planning for the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System a snap. Locate trailhead parking and check out the latest trail notices here.