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  • Help children learn in the outdoors with Tree School!
  • Ted Randich shares his reflections from a summer working on the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails.
  • Red Squirrel
    Have you noticed an interesting animal or plant near your home? There is no better time than now to become a Backyard Naturalist.
  • After 9 public meetings and 20 presentations, the Forests Sub-Group of the Governor's Council on Climate Change (GC3) released a comprehensive Updated Report on CT Forests and Climate on September 10th. Read it here.
  • Trail use in March, 2020 was up dramatically over March, 2019, so how did trail use do in April and May? Read the new CT Trail Census report to find out ...
  • Photo Credit: Michael Swirzewski
    Looking for a less crowded place to hike? Here are some tips and tricks from CFPA staff to help you find a safe place to get outdoors.
  • Green Fall Pond, Pachaug State Forest.
    CFPA provides COVID-19 safety tips and resources, updates on your State Parks and Forests, and links to activities you can participate in safely.
  • “Social distancing” is a prudent way to avoid the spread of a virus, but “social isolation” indoors is a recipe for depression and anxiety, and the best antidote can be a walk in the woods on a Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail.
  • Over 50 community groups meet at CFPA's Community Room each year (some multiple times), and we are sorry to have to close it to slow the spread and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on all of us.
How does spending time with trees help your health? Read about Forest Bathing and sign up for an event!
Find out CFPA's plans to grow the "CFPA Tree" over the next 3 years. You can help by being part of CFPA's canopy, trunk, and roots. We invite you to read the new Strategic Plan here.
This online tool makes hike planning for the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System a snap. Locate trailhead parking and check out the latest trail notices here.