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  • Explore the outdoors!
    Stuck indoors with the kiddos? Get outside every day with CFPA's Tree School! CFPA 's Tree School is a FREE online program for families who have children in grades Pre-K through 5. Receive a daily email with fun outdoor activities!
  • “Social distancing” is a prudent way to avoid the spread of a virus, but “social isolation” indoors is a recipe for depression and anxiety, and the best antidote can be a walk in the woods on a Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail.
  • Over 50 community groups meet at CFPA's Community Room each year (some multiple times), and we are sorry to have to close it to slow the spread and reduce the impact of COVID-19 on all of us.
  • CFPA's Executive Director is facilitating public meetings on Forests and Climate Change that are taking place between January - June, 2020. If you would like to be "in the room where it happens," you can join remotely.
  • Check out our Annual Report with all that’s been happening on the New England Trail (NET) recently and what we have planned for 2020.
  • Since 1897, CFPA has published a set of recommendations annually on Connecticut's forests, parks, trails, and other conservation issues. Learn what CFPA is fighting for at the State Legislature here.
  • Windham Students study tadpoles at Goodwin Forest.
    Wondering what CFPA was up to in 2019? Check out some of the accomplishments from last year-- all thanks to dedicated supporters and volunteers like you!
  • Forests sequester 90% of the carbon that is absorbed by plants, soils, and other land-based sources. Decisions made today about Connecticut’s forests will have important implications for how we can combat climate change.
Livingston Family hiking in March 2020.
Show us your photos of you, your family, and your pets staying safe outdoors. Click to read more about the contest!
In this issue - Celebrating 125 years of conservation, women in the outdoors, kayaking in the Farmington River’s Tarriffville Gorge, and Connecticut's rarest turtle, plus "From the Statehouse" and more!
Ready, set, Go! The 2020 CT Trails Day event registration is open. Register your event by May 9, 2020!