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  • On March 19th, there was a devastating structure fire at Silver Sands State Park. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the new upgrades at the Park scheduled to open over Memorial Day weekend will need to be rebuilt.
  • CFPA's Highlawn Forest Conservation Easement
    Have you ever thought about redirecting all the time and money you spend on technology? CFPA's Land Conservation Director recently came across a thought-provoking article that touches on how impactful that time and money can truly be.
  • When the legislative calendar flips from February to March, lots of issues start heating up for your forests, parks, trails, and open spaces. Get an update on a few key bills here.
  • Kids! Grab your shoes and your grownups - we're headed outside!
  • 90 years is a long time. 90 years of volunteers. 90 years of blazing. 90 years of outdoor advocacy. Imagine what it was like at mile one.
  • Happy Hiker by Mat Jobin
    Some participants saw it as the experience of a lifetime, we hope that it's only the beginning.
  • CT State Capitol
    Every year, CFPA puts forward priorities for both state and federal leaders to consider. Learn more about the priorities for 2019, and how you can get involved to ensure these priorities become reality.
  • The Lamont-Bysiewicz Transition Team formed an Environment Policy Committee and 14 other committees to provide recommendations to the incoming administration. Read about those recommendations here.
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