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  • Our summer trail crew is back in action! The team will work through mid-August tackling trail projects on the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail System.
  • Life too busy to commit to a long-term volunteer position? Well, there are lots of ways to lend a hand and most don't require anything more than your participation.
  • Views on the CT River at Hubbard Brook Preserve
    Come explore CFPA's lesser known Scovill Loop Trails on the protected Hubbard Brook Preserve. The views will keep you coming back!
  • What a great weekend we had! The weather was good for the most part and, as the photo shows, everyone had a great big time. See the rest of the photos here.
  • Learn more about CFPA's volunteer Rock Stars and the AWESOME work they do on our trail system. You can join the crew too if you can rock steady!
  • Salamander larvae and egg
    First, beginning in March, come the fairy shrimp...
After a unanimous vote in the Senate, SJ 35 passed the House on the last day of session and now will appear on the November 6th statewide ballot as a question to amend the state constitution to better protect public lands. Yes!
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails System Act with a Hike 50 challenge - hike 50 miles on the NET during the 2018 and get a special edition 50th anniversary patch.
Take part in our Summer 2018 Membership Challenge today and receive a new HIKE bandana!