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A Program of the Connecticut Forest & Park Association

Walkers enjoy a historic tour of downtown Hartford.

The goal of WalkCT is to foster a state where sidewalks meet trails, where cities are linked to towns, and no resident is further than 15 minutes away from a great walk. That is why we've created an online resource where you can find information on Connecticut trails and pathways, family-friendly events, and healthy living resources. Finding your stride is easy at www.walkct.org.



WalkCT Family RamblesWalkCT Family Rambles bring families, fun, and the outdoors together. Led by trained volunteer WalkCT Family Guides, these engaging outings are offered at trails around the state every month throughout the year.

WalkCT Family Rambles are free. Pre-registration is appreciated, but not required for most WalkCT Family Rambles. Each ramble description notes registration guidelines. Visit www.walkct.org/rambles for the full listing of upcoming events and to begin planning your next fun adventure.


WalkCT Family Guide (photo courtesy of Erin Lewis)Become a WalkCT Family Guide

If you enjoy sharing your passion for the outdoors with others, consider becoming a volunteer WalkCT Family Guide. Our Family Guides each lead two or more WalkCT Family Rambles throughout the year. No experience is required—just bring your enthusiasm. CFPA provides you with the tools, support, and training you need. Click here for more details.

Register Walking Locations

If you have trails or walking routes that you would like feature on our website, please register them at WalkCT.org. This free service will make it easier for Connecticut residents and visitors to locate the many great walking opportunities that exist throughout the state.

New WalkCT Toolkit Available

Did you know that walkers spend about 50% more than people using any other mode of transportation? Or that active recreation is one of the hottest things in tourism these days? Or that walkable communities have higher real estate values and lower levels of obesity and diabetes than communities that are car-dependant? Fortunately, CFPA’s WalkCT program is dedicated to make walking a regular part of Connecticut’s culture.

CFPA is now offering municipal officials, conservation groups, and walking advocates tips on community walkability in a new WalkCT Toolkit entitled Building a Healthy Connecticut: A Guide to Walkable Communities. Chock full of information about coalition-building, funding, on-the-ground logistics, case studies, and related resources, this handy reference was compiled to help improve walking rates in your community for health, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

To download your copy of the WalkCT Toolkit and assist your community down the path of walkability, click here.