Read Your Mail As If Your Trees Depend Upon It!

By Eric Hammerling

My wife Andrea loves bringing in the mail, but I’ve warned her to pay extra close attention if we get a letter from our electrical utility company because it might be about pruning our trees.

Americorps Crew Does the Dirty Work

by Clare Cain

2014 Americorp Crew

How do you clear 5 miles of trail through rugged country and the densest laurel you’ve ever seen? You bring in an Americorps crew!

CFPA Junior Conservation Ambassadors Begin Their Journey

By Lynn Kochiss

CFPA Junior Ambassadors by Lynn KochissDo you wonder what is crawling under leaf litter or what is in the pond at Highlawn Forest?  Do you perhaps need help in identifying invasive species such as Asian Bittersweet, Multiflora Rose or poison ivy?  Just ask any one of our 5 new CFPA Junior Conservation Ambassadors for help!  They would be glad to answer these questions and teach you even more about Connecticut’s forests.

Trails Are For More Than Just Hikers

By Jennifer Benner

Photo by Lucy MeigsSince 1929, avid Connecticut hikers have enjoyed access to nature via the CFPA Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails System. Since the 1990s, however, the benefits of trails have notably reached far beyond the hiking and outdoors community. Recognizing that trails provide health, education, and economic benefits, more and more interest groups are embracing the use and stewardship of footpaths.

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