Online Trail Map Makes Hike Planning Easier!

by Clare Cain

It can sometimes be a challenge to find the best places to access the Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails. Not anymore—locating trailheads is now a breeze thanks to the addition of parking locations, driving directions, and more to our improved Interactive Map.

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Follow Jordan's Run for the Woods Blog here. For more information about Run for the Woods (coming up on Saturday, September 6th), go here.

Private Landowners Hosting Blue Trails -- A Strength and A Challenge

By Lindsay Michel

We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the many private landowners (individuals, land trusts, and corporations) who host about 40% of the length of the trails (~330 miles out of 825 total). As you might imagine, the fact that most of these trails have no form of permanent protection is also our greatest challenge in keeping the best trail corridors connected forever. Each time these private lands change hands (from one generation to the next, or to another owner), we work to ensure the new landowners share the current commitment to trails for public enjoyment.

Witness Trees, Fossil Pollen, and Other Insights

How Connecticut’s forests have changed from colonial to modern times

By  Edward K. Faison

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