Discover the New England Trail

New England TrailIt just got easier to find the New England Trail (NET). Thanks to CFPA, the NET now has an interactive map, which outlines the trail's basic route.

To find your way once you are actually on the trail, the NET has blue blaze markings along the route in Connecticut and white blazes in Massachusetts. Eventually, trailheads will be easier to spot too as they will be adorned with the NET's official national trail marker. Every trail in the national trails system (30 in all) has trail markers specific to their trail and posted along their route. Thanks to Mike Krampitz, an avid hiker and logo designer who volunteered to create the NET logo, the NET now has one too.

The first trail marker was mounted on the trail at the Bluff Head kiosk on CT Route 77 in Guilford. Trail markers will become more visible on the trail as we move forward with distributing them to trail managers on the NET. We hope the national marker will begin to convey to hikers that they are not visiting just any trail, but a trail that Congress has determined to be worthy of national scenic trail designation. These markers were funded through a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service.