What is CFPA's Role in Forest and Trail Conservation?

Conservation Easement Land in Middlefield.

Since 1895 CFPA has effectively facilitated the conservation of forests and the creation and preservation of hiking trails throughout Connecticut. When the organization began its work, Connecticut was 20% forested: today it is 60% forested.

Many years ago, when large tracts of land were still available, CFPA used a variety of means to bring thousands of acres of land into the public domain, forming the backbone of Connecticut’s State Forests and Parks.

Since 1986, the direct acquisition of interests in land has become another way for CFPA to advance its forest conservation mission. Today, CFPA acts as a land trust, protecting over 2000 acres of working forests and trails through fee ownership and conservation restrictions. To learn more about forest and trail conservation options click here.

CFPA takes a proactive approach to its conservation efforts and partners with many other organizations to fulfill its mission. In 2001, the Hibbard Trust for Land and Trails was established to provide a readily available source of funds that would enable CFPA to protect more conservation land and steward its current interests in land into the future. To learn more about or how to donate to the Hibbard Trust click here.

Contact Lindsay Michel, Land Conservation Director for more information.

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